Today we’re going to talk about the influence of SEO in the marketing, design, and innovation space.

Where does SEO come into this landscape?

It all starts with your requirement for the trust of your client – how is this trust built and whom determines where to rank you in order of the trustworthiness you display.

Know the site by the company it keeps.

In the SCO landscape call this latent semantic analysis. What does this really mean, it means that a site is given certain attributes based on the sites around it what they are about and whether or not they refer to our site as a source of reference.

So let’s take a quick look at eight made up of site called ‘BatteryClass’.
One of the ways that I try to explain this to potential clients is to imagine themselves as an expert in your batteries.

One of the ways in which their expertise is shown to the world is via the number of other papers that references them.

If the authors of those papers are considered experts themselves then referencing your paper would buy in association also have defined you as an expert.

This is how the democracy of the Internet Works. How many experts have considered you to be an expert in their field?

One of the ways to show your expertise is to review other content in your niche. You should draw comparisons between your content and a quality content of your competitors. Highlight the similarities and add to them, in short if you can make your content slightly more informative than your competitors content than your content will be considered more relevant.
Another thing that you should do is ask yourself whether or not your content answers the query your client would type into a search engine.

Most people don’t realize that good is Seo is more about creating that based customer experience on your site. The better the customer experience the more relevant your site is to the customer.

But how do I create a relevant site?

Will, first you need to show a purpose – after you have defined your purpose, it is time to EAT.


Expertise, authority, trust.
These three factors are used by google to determine the relevance and quality of a site.

Let’s start by breaking these three factors down firstly we’re going to look at expertise.

Above we describes how to basically show expertise, but there’s more than just that..

One of the biggest hurdles about being an expert in any given field, is getting a client to shift their mindset from one born from ego, into one made for service – because that is what you aim to be, useful.

Giving, not Gloating.
This is almost the fastest way to show people that you’re an expert in the field. Trying social media groups targeted at your niche, answer their questions. Give practical advice and seek nothing in return.

Authority comes from being the expert over and over again.
Once you are routinely cited your opinion is repeatedly requested search engines will start to notice that you are an authority in a given field you can create authority by seeking the most often asked questions – and answering them.

Authority also comes from being referenced by other authorities.

Learn More Here.

Lastly and probably most important, is trust – the reason this one is last – is because it requires that the other two be firmly cemented. It requires that the expertise and authority the crawled by the search engine algorithm.

Now as a startup or as a new business gaining trust of your perspective client is the most powerful thing you can do.

OK so now we have the EAT part down, what is next?

By no means is the easy part over, we have merely started laying the groundwork.

Our recommendation would be to set up social media profiles as well as a YouTube channel, and a blog. These all allow you to reach your audience without them having to search for you – as we said before it is wise to join groups where your clients hang out, and to create content that satisfies their thirst for information.

Create content that his niched. Create content that answers a question. Create content that provides practical advice.

Sometimes you have to reframe your content so that answers a particular question – or you need to ask a different question. It is really important to determine how often particular question is asked or who is asking the question that you are answering.

The next thing you want to do in order to gain the trust and authority and expertise and therefor relevance – is to create content can be referenced by other content. Think of your content being listed in the footer for a paper written about your niche.

When you find a content writer – insure that they can write content around given keywords, but some of these keywords will need to be semantically related to other content that already exists on the Internet this way we are forming a network of ideas your idea is one of the nodes in that network.
We know that with start-ups sometimes the idea that you’re trying to pitch is new and therefore cannot be searched so what you want to do here is fit neatly into an existing paradigm.

Search engines rank you based on your relevance so if your product or service is new but still relevant and the backing of keywords that answer the searches question will help expand your brand.

For example let’s look at electric cars – the topics that you might want to spend here are ‘batteries’, ‘electricity’ ‘storing electrical power’ ‘mileage’ reduced carbon footprint’ ‘renewable energy’.

The intimate things together like a neural network different ideas are linked to different ideas conceptually if you can trigger as many different ideas as possible and you will be both relevant and found by those that trying to find you.