Melbourne SEO for the WIN! – 10 Tips for ranking higher!!

(What is my fixation with Melbourne – I went there on holiday, and I want to move there – it is great!)

Hey hey hey all, Shantel is back at the mantel.

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A Shantel – not me


So today is your lucky day, we’re going to look at the top 10 things that any SEO agency in Melbourne should do first. (especially if they are working with a start-up)

When you pick your SEO ask them whether or not they’re going to do these 10 things because these things indicate that a SEO company works smarter and not harder.

Before we dive into this let’s take a quick look and see what we can learn from these 10 tips.


Tip Number 1 –  Tip number one is do not focus entirely on link building that is more important to build an audience that finds what you say important enough to light to this really means that your content should provide the answer to question that they are asking Google.


Tip Number 2 – Tip number two is to make a website audit report and do this first thing at some point we will teach you how to incorporate Google analytics and Google and Google search console –  this will allow you to build out content and also see where this content is ranking which will help you to create more content which is related to tip number one.

Tip Number 3 – Tip number three is to make use of social media because social media marketing is awesome these days you can Target your specific audience to your website.


Tip Number 4 – We should all be doing this one all the time and that is expand your brand awareness the more people that speak about you the better it is for you in the long run. Learn More about Brand Awareness here!


Tip Number 5 – How often do you speak to a client and realize that they have no idea what their message is or which keywords are used to find their product or service? Tip number 5 to pay attention to the keyword search volume and to build content around that search  volume.

Tip Number 6 – Diversify the way in which you analyze your document – find new opportunities. Sometimes we stick to just one form of PKI or metric to analyze, we lose other forms of traffic, things that could Point people towards our site. It may be that the keywords we thought people were looking for or not the keywords people are looking for when they seek our product or service.


Tip Number 7 –  I love this one because so few people use it. We love using it and that is making you so Google Trends to find out what people are interested in right now.


Tip Number 9 – Content length has become a very very important ranking factor in the past you could write a small key word dense piece of information and people would link to it for other sites with link to a purely based on the comment he were volume but we have found that the longer your content is and the more answers that provides questions that people may I ask the more people are willing to link to your content so this one leaves into our final tip and the final tip really covers up every one of these other tips because if you do the final tip correctly you would be taking off all of the tips 1 through 9.


Tip Number 10 – Do the damn keyword research – keyword research is incredibly important and it’s one of those things that a lot of SEO and website owners just glaze over they don’t think that the keywords are important but  but the content on your site should be driven by keyword research you’ve already completed.


Now that we have that brief introduction out of the way let’s Dive Right In!


The Audience Is Most Important.

probably the most important thing you can do is to find the correct keyword that is appealing to your audience people forget this – people don’t realize that once you have selected your audience then the point of your site comes into fruition. A site without a purpose doesn’t need to be ranked by Google. But if you can create an audience and then find out what that audience wants – then you can create a website that caters to their needs.  Which means that you have researched a niche audience, found their problem and then you created the solution.


Now your traffic is no longer a bunch of unfocused individuals just looking around online – now your audience is people finding the solution to their problem awesome!


Audit Your Site

Once you have your website setup and I are recommended CNS is always going to be WordPress you can download a couple of plugins that allow you to insert a Google tag manager tag into your website and after that you can add analytics code to your tag and then you can link your search console to your analytics this will help you to find out if you’ve got any duplicate content Pages or if there’s any other problems that you still need to solve –  think of a decent site audit as the first thing you should do after you’ve selected your audience because once you’ve got the technical side of your site under control than any other additional SEO ranking efforts will be Amplified and not penalized this also shows Google that you care about your site and that it is important to you to run a technically diligent website it also shows respect for their crawler.


Socialise Your Content

Once you have a substantial amount of contents available – or even before then once you have a lot of content available at all, you should really try and share that contents across social media platforms As often as possible. Your Google analytics profile will show you where clicks are coming from –  this in turn will allow you to see which demographics are cooking on your links if you are also wanting to go down the paid marketing road you can select your content to be shown to specific demographics only this will help you to focus on building content on your website that caters to that demographics specific needs.

Brand Up!

The whole point of this digital marketing exercises to expand your brand awareness this sometimes means that you may have to also advertising print medium or with Flyers you don’t want to have just one leg of a stool supporting the stool multiple Avenues in will help now social media is really good for this as you can just share your content with other people in your demographic or in the Target demographic.  At the end of the day you want to be seen as an expert in your field so getting experts to review your content and leave comments will assist in that.


Keyword Research

Depending on your budget there are a couple of applications that can assist you here we are massive fan of seoquake which is a plug-in for both Chrome and Firefox what this does is it shows you the keyword search volume per month in the given flavor of Google that you were using IE Google. UK Google. Co. JP. Etc. Once you know which keywords like your clients to your website you can further optimize your website for those keywords this means that you should appear higher up in the rankings because the content on your page has been optimized to be more relevant to the search query containing those keywords.


Analyze Differently

What is meant by analyze differently is that you should see if customers search for different things. Every time you do an analysis you should be looking for ‘what type of keyword’ to Target to get a particular type of audience. What you should do on occasion is to look and see if there are any additional forms of traffic that you were unaware of. Are there any new keywords and have popped up since the last scan? One of the ways to do this is to log into your Google search console and see what the output is for search queries (See the video below for more info).

So trendy it hurts.


If you go to the link above and have a look to see what is trending in the searches right now this website will show you what people are searching for – and in a ‘trended’ way so you can see for instance right now the Super Bowl is very important if you can write content that is about the Superbowl and you will get more click throughs on your website – In melbourne the international food festival seems to be important – and the nation is getting ready for the Grand Prix – these are topics we would be writing about.


Longer is Stronger

This is one of those interesting points where we’ve based it on the top 10 results in any given query. The higher the result is in the SERP – more often than not the longer the content on that pages meaning that more content is associated with higher ranking, we would like to think that the relevance of that content is high (and therefore Google is presenting that contents because it prevents the answer to the question you are asking).


Research the Flippin Keywords

I find it hilarious that people shy away from keyword research – keywords or where the money’s at. This is exactly what your website is about –  you were building your site around key words because key words support the question and the answer. You should be asking and telling the internet what you do. if you don’t know what your client wants then you won’t be able to determine which keywords to optimize for – we can’t afford just optimizing for every single key word as there are billions or websites. So focus down – find the key word that is most relevant to the thing that you were selling or doing. That is the question that people are asking the internet and you should be the answer.


Come back soon for another breakdown of reality,